How Computer Expert Forum works
Posted on: December 9, 2016, by : Hahn

Computer Expert Forum [CEF]:
Permit me to start from explaining what CEF is. Computer Expert Forum [CEF] is a community of computer and computer related field expert and learners. It is an easy to use site, responsive, easily navigated and fast operated. In CEF, we share idea, interest and expertise. We also make friends from around the globe as we communicate and meet new people on daily basis. We market our expertise and idea to bring the desired outcome to our life and to the life of others. CEF is a platform where we help ourselves to grow in tech. Developer, bloggers and web designers will find CEF as a good platform to communicate to their targeted customers thereby drawing them back to their home.
You sign up to CEF website by through the register and/or sign up tab and links. Then fill the fields on the registration page and submit your application. By doing that, CEF automatically creates your account within minutes and you are good to go.

Contents or articles can be posted using the post content tab at the menu bar. How it works is that you fill up the fields required and select category to which your content belongs to and then submit. Note: all posts are moderated to check if it conforms to specification before it comes out live on the website.

You can check your post after moderation using the blog tab as well as the blog widget.
Category here refers to the group where your post content belongs. So always choose a category while posting your content.


Featured image is an image[s] that describes the topic and content of your topic. However, it is imperative that you choose the image that best described your content.

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