Q1.   What is CEF?
Ans.1. CEF means Computer Expert Forum. It is a community comprising computer and computer related experts who are willing to contribute, share idea and interest to                  everyone.
Q2.  What is CEF all about?
Ans.2:  CEF means Computer Expert Forum. It is designed in a way that everyone can benefit in learning of computer and problem solving. It is a group of people with common interest. You share your experience and expertise to solve people’s problem using this platform thereby gaining people back to your shop, blog and website.
Q3.  How can I join CEF?
Ans.3:  You join CEF by clicking the register tab at the menu bar, fill up the form and click the register button. Always remember to check the rechaptcha button and tick the appropriate images. You also have the opportunity to opt in to our updates by checking the send me updates box.
Q4.  Do I need to pay to join?
Ans.4:  No. CEF I absolutely free of charge and no upgrade required.
Q5.  Do I need to pay to get answer to my problem?
Ans.5: No. you don’t. All answers are given voluntarily; therefore you don’t need to pay for it rather you show appreciation by commenting and giving thanks to the contributor.
Q6. Can I create a group?
Ans.6:  Yes, you can create a group and invite your friends to join.
Q7.  How can I post my article to CEF site?
Ans.7:  You post your article by clicking the Post Content tab at the menu bar, fill the appropriate boxes with the content of your article and click on submit. Note: all articles are moderated before it shows live on the website.
Q8.  Do I have to pay to post my article?
Ans.8:  No, it free of charge
Q9.  How can I benefit from this site?
Ans.9:  CEF is a voluntary participation site. You help people gain knowledge from what they don’t know; from there you build your expertise and knowledge, gain integrity and get back link to your blog and/or website.
Q10. How can I build my profile?
Ans.11:  You can build your profile by clicking on edit profile at the menu bar after login. People might get interest in you after reading your profile, therefore build a better profile.
Q11. Can I place a profile picture?
Ans.12:  Yes, you can by clicking on your profile at the menu bar. After login, check for the bar that shows your name, click it and choose my profile. Thereafter, click on change profile picture and upload your picture.
Q11. Can I change my username or nickname on my profile?
Ans.11:  Yes, you can change your nickname or username
Q12.  How can I comment in a forum or group?
Ans.12:  You comment by clicking the comment tab
Q13.  If I post an article, where can I read within the site?
Ans.13:  You read your article or post from the blog tab at the menu bar or at the widget side.
Q14.  How can I add a friend?
Ans.14:  You add a friend[s] by clicking the member’s tab and then choose a friend[s] to add by clicking the Add friend button. This will send a friend request to the person
Q15.  Can I send a private message to a friend?
Ans.15:  Yes, you can by clicking private message from the person’s profile or selecting the person from the embedded chat messenger. This will prevent others from viewing or seeing the message.
Q16.  Can I chat with my friends?
Ans.16:  Yes, when you login to your account, you will see a pop up chat messenger on the right hand side, choose your friend and start chatting with him/her
Q17.  Can I search for members?
Ans.17:  Yes, by using the search button at the right hand side
Q18.  Can I share links on this website?
Ans.18:  Yes, but MUST be from a trusted website and one that doesn’t violent our policy and terms