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Computer Expert Forum (CEF)
Privacy Policy:
Protection of your private information is of paramount important to us. In this policy, we unveil how we collect, reveal and use your personal data provided by you to our site. The criteria and usage will as well be made known to you in this privacy policy.

User’s Agreement
By accessing, you agreed to all terms and conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy or any other Policy approved by CEF.

This policy is liable to change at any given time with or without notification to any member or user. It is a way of updating our website to suit current technological trend. You would need to check our privacy policy always or periodically as the case may be.

Data Security
CEF uses different data security methodology to protect information provided by you during registration and/or posting of articles to this website. However, CEF cannot guarantee you total security of your data. For that reason, you are advised to provide information at your own risk.

Using CEF website
This website is designed to be used by computer and computer technology inclined experts and other newbies who may want to learn from the services. To enjoy all the services offered by this website, you will need to sign up first thereafter; the system will automatically log you in or otherwise you click the login button to use the website. However, children under the age of 12 are not allow to use the website or may use it at the own risk. CEF is designed to give you the necessary things you need during and after the course of your study, therefore, students from various computer related courses are advised to sign up and join their group in the forum.

Sign ups:

You only sign up to CEF website once by clicking the sign up button or link and thereafter, your account will be created. However, we do not store your password in our system, therefore you are advised to use password you can easily remember. More-so, when you sign up, the software automatically send an activation email to the email you provided during registration stating your login details such as username and password. So it is expedient that you keep the welcome/activation mail safe for future use. In case you forget your password you resort to your email or hit the forgotten password button at the log in page.

Creating Group
You are advised to create group related to your course of study. It must be related to computing so as to foster learning in this website. No user at all level is expected to send trash, use bad words, mock, or quarrel in the group forum, otherwise you will be deleted.

Posting Information
Users of this website are expected to register by clicking the sign up or sign in page to create an account. Thereafter, use the post content tab to post your article. Please articles should relate to computing, otherwise post it to your group. Any article not relating to computing will not be approved. However, posting is free of charge in this website. You are free to share your experience and/or challenges encountered. Experts are ready to assist you as the case may be. Please do not post or answer question already posted or published by another person from different website, CEF will not be liable for any form of plagiarism.

User’s Advertisement
Users of this site are advised to post their upcoming events in their various departments on the advert widget. Lecturers are also advised to post their current released books for sale. All is free of charge for now. No charges applied otherwise you will be notified for such charges.
Third Party Based Advertising
We use third party companies and vendors to provide advertisement on our site. These advertisement companies may use your information (not including your personal information provided by you during registration and profile updates) to provide you with advertisements that best suits your needs.

Use of Information
Information collected in this site is used update purposes only. We collect your name, e-mail and or phone number so that we reach you in case of update. Information you provide in this site are not sold or shared to any third party.

Use of Cookies
This site uses cookies to send automate text files to your computer which enables it to identify you and entry forms in this site. By this, you need not to reenter your data every time you visit this site. However, if you do not want to save cookies in your computer, then you can easily delete them by setting option in your browser and also select the option to refuse cookies in your browser

CEF has the authority to alter or change any terms or condition contained in this policy at any time with or without notification to users. Therefore, you are advised to check our terms and policy periodically.