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Your use of this site is highly based on your agreement with our terms and condition of use and our privacy policy. This is a forum comprising experts from various computer and computer technology related fields. However, we do not recommend users under the age of 12 and users from unrelated computer fields except for learning purposes, then non computer field can join.

Materials you can use in this site:
Users can use the following media supported in this site such as: text, audio, pictures, videos, with the following file format doc, docx, xlsx, pdf, mp2, mp4, dat, etc.

You are not authorized to use, reuse, sell, broadcast, or publish activities of this site in any form, anywhere within or outside this website without a prior notice to the admin or the rightful owner of the article so published. But you can share or place our links to any social media or other sites in fairly manner that doesn’t violet our terms of use and privacy policy.

Posting Contents or Article to this Site
Users are to post information regarding to current trend in computer and computer related technology. However, students are also free to post their questions. This is done through the post content tab. Information posted on this site is subjected to contribution from experts who will be willing to proffer or give answers to the question. Therefore, posting questions and answers are done in a polite manner. Please you are not authorized to post contents that have been published elsewhere on the internet to avoid infringement of policy and terms of use of the original publisher and/or CEF. Such content(s) will not be published after moderation. All posts are moderated before publishing to ascertain if it conformed to specialization. However, we will not be responsible for any information posted by users which violate the law, policies of any country in any way. Information posted in this site is only someone’s opinion or suggestion, please contribute politely and do not use link from sites you do not trust to answer questions in this site.

Our Rights:
We have all the rights to edit, publish or remove any suspicious post from user of our website. Therefore, you agreed that all materials submitted by you to our site are original and authentic. CEF will not be responsible for any plagiarism originated from users. We recommend that you do not share your personal data anywhere in our website for security reasons. We reserved the right to delete your account if found violating our terms of service and policy. Furthermore, you agree not to promote or advertise anything without contacting prior permission from us. You also agree not to use any software that will harm or cause virus to our website. Your password is not stored in our website therefore keep your password safe. Otherwise use the forgotten password link to reset your password if need be. We reserve the right to secure your account with us and we do not share nor sell your information for any reason whatsoever.

E-mail Update
All registered users have the right to accept or not accept e-mail updates of new post by checking the notify me of new post by email box. Otherwise leave it blank if you do not want to receive such email. However, it is pertinent to note that our software will send you an initial welcome email that comprises your username and password and regular activity notification of the site. Hence, you are to choose whether to receive email update or not.

In accordance with our terms and condition and policy, you agree not to use the following for whatever reason(s) in our site:

1. Insulting, harsh, indecent, offensive, vulgar, bad/wrong words /contents or anything          related to these that will harm the personality of other users whether registered or non        registered members.
2. Discriminate anybody for any reason
3. Promote pornographic pictures and videos
4. Make jest of any post
5. Post any material already published someway without acknowledgement
6. Violet any country’s law, individual rights, group or CEF terms and condition
7. Promote any advert without approval by CEF
8. Showcase books that contains some kind of plagiarism
9. Post anything that does not relate to computing, except otherwise in a group post
10. Above all, you promise to be law abiding.

This terms and condition is to liable to change at any time with or without notification to users. Therefore, always check our terms and policy always or periodically.